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We Buy / Sell / Loan Musical Instruments of All Kinds

Has your kid decided that he or she wants to join the school’s marching band and play an expensive musical instrument like the tuba? Or maybe you’ve decided that it’s your life’s ambition to finally quit your boring job at the bank and become a rock star? Or perhaps you’ve fallen on hard times lately and are looking to get a collateral loan by temporarily pawning your Gibson® guitar or amp? No matter your personal circumstances, Oro Jewelry and Loan and Chico Cash Exchange buy/sell/loan musical instruments of all kinds in our Oroville, Yuba City and Chico locations in Northern California.

Benefits of Buying/Selling Musical Instruments at a Pawn Shop

There are many benefits of buying/selling musical instruments in our pawn shops, including:

  • Price – Brand-new musical instruments often come with hefty price tags. By selecting a gently used instrument from one of our pawn shops, you can afford to purchase all those accessories that you’ll also need with it, ranging from amps and speakers to sheet music, music stands, guitar cases, microphones and more.
  • Wider Selection – Most local music shops can only afford to carry the most recent models from a handful of well-known brands, but a pawn shop can carry a wider selection of brands and models representing various price points, so you can get a better idea of what you like/want.
  • Easy to Resell – Let’s face it, many beginners end up giving up their musical ambitions once they discover they don’t have the aptitude or the time necessary for their new hobby. When you buy your musical instrument at a pawn shop, you lose less on that investment, and in many cases, you can actually resell the item to the same shop to help you get some of your investment back.

Have Questions about Our Selection of Musical Instruments?

At Oro Jewelry and Loan and Chico Cash Exchange, our inventory of musical instruments in Oroville, Yuba City and Chico is constantly changing. That means that once a specific item is gone from one of our shops, it’s gone for good. Don’t regret not adding that rockin’ Fender Stratocaster® or Gibson® Les Paul to your collection! Come in today and browse our selection of available musical instruments and related accessories, or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have for us!

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